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Contract or purchase order financing allows you to monetize and existing or future contract you have with your customer. Whether your company is large or small, in business for years or start up, this can work for you and is a great substitute for equity. With Contract financing, The OCM Financial Group can help you grow your business and customer base. Contract financing will turn your future usage revenue into capital today for services or equipment usage not yet provided.

The OCM Financial Group can help your smaller company take larger contracts even if you don’t have the resources to purchase the equipment or have enough working capital for that contact upfront.  This type of financing is great for those companies that don’t meet traditional underwriting standards.

Benefits of Contract Financing:
  • Accelerate contract revenues
  • The ability to go after larger contracts you might not have the working capital to fulfill
  • The transaction is off your balance sheet as well as your customer’s balance sheet
  • Provides working capital and equipment at a lower cost than equity
  • New or used contracts qualify
  • Your credit score is not a deciding factor
  • Enhances the relationship between you and your customer