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Bank Statement Financing

Bank statement financing is simply loans based on the consistency and diversity of your revenues. If your business has consistent daily revenue stream, The OCM Financial Group can offer quick access to funds and high approval rates. The process is simple without the hassle of traditional bank loans.

The OCM Financial Group believes businesses with a consistent daily revenue stream have untapped potential even if they have a less-than-perfect credit score. We help companies qualify for up to $200,000 based on their ability to pay versus a score which may be more reflective of the current economic climate even if you have been considered too risky by traditional lenders.

If your business has at least $200,000 in annual revenues and has a consistent diverse stream of revenues, a bank statement loan may be a good alternative for you financing needs.

Advantages of Bank Statement Financing

  • Flexibility in terms, business type and revenue flow
  • No hidden fees or late fees
  • Lower rates than other cash advance programs
  • Fixed payments
  • Helps to build personal and business credit