Benefits For Your Company
Benefits For Your Customer
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Up to 100% financing of all equipment costs at fixed rates!

  • Easy for your customers to budget.

Leasing does not require large down payments!

  • Strong tool for working capital preservation.

Leasing has additional tax advantages.

  • Leases can be structured so that the lease payment is entirely expensed and the value of the equipment is not included on the balance sheet! (Consult with your tax advisor on how this can specifically benefit you.)

Leasing is easy with OCM!

  • You can usually receive an approval within 24 hours – allowing you to rapidly acquire your new equipment with minimal documentation and red tape.
  • Lease financing can provide customized payment plans!
  • Customized leases are available to allow seasonal businesses to escape payments at critical times or to enable businesses to increase or decrease payment amounts over time.

Lease financing can incorporate 100% of your soft costs!

  • You may be able to incorporate installation costs, maintenance, training and other soft costs into your lease-finance agreement.

Preserves bank lines of credit that can be used for other short-term needs!

  • Through advantages such as low monthly payments and customized payment plans, lease financing enables your business to preserve bank lines of credit for short term needs.

Lease financing protects you from equipment obsolescence.

  • Flexible end-of-lease options enable your business to return the equipment and upgrade, as well as renewing or purchasing.