Benefits For Your Company
Benefits For Your Customer
Marketing Examples

Increase Your Sales!

  • Providing monthly payment options on every proposal gives your customers the opportunity to budget for more equipment if needed.
  • By taking the emphasis off the end cost, you can be proactive in any customer objections of having to pay a large sum of money up front.
  • Our financing options and strategies will increase your closing rates for both your financing and non-financing sales.

Improve Your Cash Flow!

  • Receive full payment either before or at the time of product delivery and installation – every time.
  • Eliminate the need for costly collection calls and processes.

Increase Your Average Order Size!

  • Increase the size of your sale by showing only a small increase in your customer’s monthly payment.

Stimulate Repeat Business!

  • Upgrade lease options for new equipment and products will add dollars to your bottom line.

Expand Your Services to New and Existing Customers!

  • You are providing a value-added service to your customer, saving them the inconvenience of securing their own financing.

Power up Your Marketing!

  • OCM’s joint marketing solutions include co-branded proposals, telemarketing support, and fax and email campaign support.