Benefits For Your Company
Benefits For Your Customer
Marketing Examples

The OCM Financial Group will work with your company and staff to develop a lease finance program for your customers that can be integrated into your current marketing program. When a vendor is about to offer equipment leasing options to their customer, 75% of the time, the customer will not seek a quote from a competing vendor. Some vendors think because the majority of their clients pay cash they don’t need a financing program. The OCM Financial Group will help you increase your business by opening up your products and equipment to more people and companies. We will develop a financing program for you so you will become a one-stop-shop for your customers. We want to help you stay competitive in these toughening economic times. There are many benefits to your company, including:

  • Increase Your Sales, Repeat Business, and Average Order Size
  • Improve Your Cash Flow
  • Financial solutions designed for each individual customer
  • Joint Marketing Power