5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Business Cash Flow Loan

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Business Cash Flow Loan

By- Victor Talha

June 3rd 2014 - Business Cash Flow Loans - Kansas City - OCM Financial Group Small businesses and/or start-ups are heavily reliant on their cash flow…

…as they often have difficulty regulating what comes in and out on a regular basis but it’s also not uncommon for mid-sized businesses to run into difficulties that require a business cash flow loan. Here are some reasons that you should consider getting a business cash flow loan for your business.

1. Bank Loans are Harder to Get.

The recession hit the nation hard and changed some ideas about borrowing and lending. Cash flow loans are easier to get than traditional bank and business loans and don’t have the same requirements for credit.

2. It Doesn’t Require Collateral.

A cash loan is different because a business can use it for working capital and generate the collateral for the loan over time.

3. It’s an Opportunity to Organize.

Many cash flow providers request to see cash flow charts and collect data about a company’s banking, payment processing, and accounting information before acceptance. If your finances are not completely organized before you go in to ask about a cash advance you should take the opportunity to balance your books and get on top of the situation. Plus, you can get comparative ranking information from your loan provider.

4. The Interest Rate is lower than You Think.

Many people think that the interest rates for a cash advance may be up near 50% but the actual rate is consistently below 30%. Right now businesses are trying to encourage lending and the average has moved even farther down towards 20%.

5. It’s also Less Risky than you Think!

There are a lot of misconceptions about borrowing cash advance loans, especially from misuse in people’s personal lives. Businesses can use this money responsibly to make ends meet, expand for better customer service, and balance their cash flow. At OCM Financial Group, we understand the unique reasons you may have behind obtaining your business loan. Allow us to meet your needs with one of our custom cash flow loan products. Your approval is just minutes away!

The Neighborhood was Saved by a Merchant Cash Advance

The Neighborhood was Saved by a Merchant Cash Advance

By – Raquel Ellen Donate

Merchant-Cash-Advance-OCM-Financial-GroupNot too long ago, our neighborhood was almost without a pizzeria! Thanks to a smart and savvy local chamber of commerce member, the neighborhood was saved by a merchant cash advance. Sounds like this was no big deal, right? Well it may not be a big deal where you’re from, however, in my neck of the woods, we don’t care too much for the big name pizza franchises. Instead, we love our Romano’s Pizzeria, so much so that me and my family have been eating here since our grandfather’s time. Now, thanks to a merchant cash advance, our favorite pizzeria and Italian restaurant was saved from having to close it’s doors.

We are not certain what went wrong, however we are sure this deep recession did not make matters better.  After a few slow seasons, the owners had to put up their house in order to get a small loan to survive the dry spell on business. The recent harsh winter season was another nightmare along with broke down ovens and a few other essential items needed to run a successful eatery. After the winter was over, our neighborhood was in such dismay. Rumors had spread like wildfire stating that the owners of Romano’s were calling it quits! Let’s just say, everyone from the children all the way up to our grandparents were stricken with disbelief at the thought of losing everyone’s favorite pizza joint since the late 60’s. Some folks even set up a charity donation box. But it was just a drop in the bucket compared to the almost 6 figures it was going to take to save Romano’s.

Then one day, at a local chamber of commerce meeting, a gentleman was there from OCM Financial Group doing a seminar about how banks are getting tougher and stricter about lending any money out and how OCM Financial was able to get business owners the money they needed in less than a week! Attending this meeting,  was one of the owners of Romano’s. Quite serendipitous to say the least! Soon after the presentation was over, the business finance specialist was passing out his business cards when the Romano’s owner asked if he could apply for a merchant cash advance to save his restaurant, and the rest, as they say, was history. Less than 6 days later, Romano’s was able to order a new oven and fix the broken one.  Success! Neighborhood pizzeria saved and the tradition lives on!

Is Business Equipment Leasing Right for You?

Business-Equipment-Leasing-Info-OCM-Financial     Whether you are starting a new business, are looking to remodel your current corporation or are embarking on a new project, you may need new equipment that will get the job done quickly and successfully. Businesses don’t usually purchase this equipment because of the cost and generally because some types of equipment are not needed on a continual basis. So, most companies lease their equipment.  In fact, statistics show that 85% of businesses in the U.S. lease either all or some of their equipment, from software to office furniture to bulldozers.

Leasing equipment has many benefits. For one, if you do not have a large amount of liquid capital available for a purchase or don’t want to spend much money on an investment, leasing is ideal for you.  Leasing is also beneficial because you don’t have to make a huge lump sum payment. There are flexible payment options to suit all types of businesses and all sizes.  Another benefit is having the ability to continually upgrade. If you invest in a piece of equipment, it can easily become obsolete in a few years. Then, you’ll have to reinvest a ton of more money into another huge purchase and the vicious cycle continues. Leasing allows you to always have the latest, state-of-the-art technology to keep your business running smoothly.

If you have been thinking about business equipment leasing, the OCM Financial Group is here to help.  We offer finance options from $5K upwards and with flexible payment options to meet your individual needs. Give us a call today to discuss your best leasing options so we can help you obtain the tools and technology to help your business grow.

What is Working Capital and How Can You Benefit from It?

Vics-TILED-OCM-Financial-NEW-Logo     Ever been tied up for money and couldn’t obtain a loan? Have you been trying to start up a new business but didn’t have the resources? Sick of waiting around for a pay day? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people in the United States are suffering economically, especially corporations, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. There are ways to obtain working capital for your business needs. But what exactly is working capital?

Working capital is defined as the difference between your liabilities and your assets. Basically, the amount of liquid funds you have at your disposal. Everyone needs working capital to stay afloat, whether you are dabbling in entrepreneurship for the first time or have amassed a world-wide company chain.  The amount of working capital at your disposal influences your business’ ability to meet both short and long-term demands, pay back debts, and remain in profit.

Some companies require more working capital than others, but it’s safe to say that if you’ve got a business, no matter what kind of products you offer, you need liquid capital and you need it readily available. But if you’ve recently paid off a big loan, are tied up in a lawsuit, or are facing a foreclosure, chances are the amount of working capital you have isn’t going to be expansive.

That’s where we come in. The OCM Financial Group can work with you to find a flexible and creative solution to your financing needs. If you need cash now, we can provide it. Whether you are a seasonal or cyclical corporation, are rebuilding your brand or are starting fresh, let us help fund your imagination and help your business grow.