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Maintain Capital Strength: A lease with The OCM Financial Group allows you to purchase the equipment and technology you need today with affordable payments you can spread out over time. When you conserve your capital with a lease it can be used for other company expenses.

Conservation of Credit: Borrowing money will reduce your lines of credit. Leasing is a new credit source that will allow you to increase your borrowing capacity.

Flexibility: Leasing provides fixed rate financing with specialized terms that will accommodate the specific needs of your company. As your business grows and as your needs change you can add to or upgrade your lease. You can also include installation, maintenance, and other services if necessary.

Efficiency: Leasing allows you to quickly react anytime the need for equipment and technology arises. By avoiding the strict requirements of traditional financing a lease can get what you need in your possession much faster.

Eliminates Obsolescence: With a lease, your risk of getting stuck with obsolete equipment and technology is minimized because you can build upgrades and trade-ups into the lease. This will give you the opportunity to always have the latest equipment and technology and maintain your competitive edge.

100% Financing: Leasing doesn’t require a down payment and can cover soft costs such as software, freight, installation, and tax for both new and used equipment.

Tax Benefits: A true lease generally allows you to expense 100% of the monthly payment where as bank financing will only allow you to expense the interest. Please refer to your tax advisor about your specific situation.