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Equipment Options

OCM Financial Group has very few limits to the type of equipment your business can lease. From everyday business needs (furniture or phone systems) to industrial equipment (forklifts or conveyor belts) to office technology (computers, copiers), there is a wide range of products your business needs that you can lease.

OCM Financial Group can also lease your soft costs. We understand that your business needs things like software, training, service, installation and shipping to go with your new equipment and that is why we work with you to find the best financial solution for your company.

Payment Options

Fixed monthly payments are most common and available with all of our leases. However, if those don’t work for you OCM Financial Group can help customize a payment plan that best suits your company.

  • Skip Lease:This type of lease works great for seasonal businesses. We are able to structure your lease so you can skip payments during your slow months.
  • Step-up lease: With this type of lease we can structure your payments to start lower then step up through the term of your lease. A step-up lease recognizes that your company might have limited cash and you are dependent upon the acquisition of this equipment to increase your revenue.
  • Step-down lease: This type of lease lets you customize your payments so they start out higher and gradually get lower over a pre-determined schedule.
  • Deferred Lease: This payment option lets you defer your first payment for 60-90 days. Most time we can finance this type of lease with little to no down payment.

Whichever option you feel works best for your company needs to be agreed upon at the beginning of the lease.

Term Options

Lease terms can be anywhere from 12-60 months and the term you decide will depend upon what you would like to do with your equipment at the end of your lease and how long you would like to keep the equipment.

Some companies choose to keep the equipment at the end of the lease while others would like to just use their equipment for a period of time and give it back at the end of the lease. OCM Financial Group works with your business to find the solution that best fits you and your business.

  • FMV lease: An FMV (fair market value) lease generally has lower payments and gives you the option to walk away from the equipment or purchase it at its current fair market value.
  • $1.00 buyout: When you choose a $1.00 buyout lease you agree to payment over the term and then at the end of the lease you purchase your equipment for $1.00. This is a great option for those companies who would like to keep the equipment when the lease is over.
  • PUT options: PUT (purchase upon termination) options come in different varieties, most common is the 10% put. With this option you agree to purchase the equipment at the end of your lease for a pre-determined percentage of the purchase price.