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Since 1981, The OCM Financial Group has been helping companies nationwide acquire the equipment necessary to properly run their businesses. Various lease opportunities are made available to suit your finance and equipment needs, big or small. The OCM Financial Group can finance from 5k to 35mm, anything to help your business succeed! The OCM Financial Group is committed to providing excellent customer service and to giving personalized financing options tailored to fit your business. Our goal is to make The OCM Financial Group your first choice for asset acquisitions. We have confidence that we can serve all your leasing needs.

Leasing is a valuable alternative for businesses. Recent statistics show that 85% of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment. Each year businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies all over America invest over $1 trillion in capital goods and software (not including real estate) of which 55% is financed through leasing. This equates to over $600 billion dollars! These leases provide business owners access to capital that might otherwise be tied up in their company’s infrastructure.