It doesn’t cost anything to apply for a lease.

Terms range from 12 to 72 months.

Yes, but this has to be set up at the start of the lease. This is a great option for seasonal businesses.

Yes, the equipment can come from an end user, an auction, or a vendor.

No, the lease is non-cancelable agreement.

Most leases require the first and last payment at signing. The next payment will be approximately 30 days after delivery.

Yes, we can package a lease together to include the “soft cost” such as software, service and support cost. This way you have one simple payment for an entire system or equipment line.

Yes the minimum OCM will finance is $5,000.00.

Complete the lease application then fax it, mail it, or drop it off.

You may purchase the equipment for its fair market or value, or for a settled price at the beginning of the lease (usually a $1.). Other options include, continuing to lease the same equipment, or return the equipment with no further obligation.