Small-Business-Cash-LoansDuring these current times of financial instability and economic volatility, it’s refreshing to know business owners have business cash loans options available, still. Although traditional banking has been a strong foundation for most businesses in America and just about anyone with a strong business plan, collateral,  and verifiable references could secure a small business loan. Not so much the case anymore. To truly understand how tough it is out there, currently, we turned to the most reliable sources, our present applicants, to gather real life information on the current status of small business owners trying to obtain business cash loans.

Here’s a case in point, take Joel M. for instance. Joel has an extremely amazing business model that not only helps kids stay out of trouble, but Joel’s company actually helps inner city youth discover all there is to know about the NFL! Kids in grades ranging from K-12 and college level get to train with the pros and through rigorous training modules get a chance to be considered for recruitment. Pretty amazing working with kids and keeping them off the streets, right? Well, you’d imagine any bank would gladly see Joel’s business as a sound investment. Even besides the fact, Joel only needed to borrow approximately $8,000 to $10,000 USD for purchasing training equipment for his students. Going to the two banks he has investments in, turned up denied bank loan applications. When a family friend told Joel about the OCM Financial Group Facebook page, Joel searched immediately for the contact number. Soon enough, after speaking with a Financial Advisor and pinning down a few sound options, Joel was enjoying his $10,000 business cash flow loan. Payback terms were generous and will be easily managed. When asked if he would refer OCM Financial Group to his friends and family, Joel replied, “I will tell the country about your company. Thanks so much for saving my business, helping my kids get their sports training equipment, and helping me meet my business’s growing financial needs!” Another success story!

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