Business-Equipment-Leasing-Info-OCM-Financial     Whether you are starting a new business, are looking to remodel your current corporation or are embarking on a new project, you may need new equipment that will get the job done quickly and successfully. Businesses don’t usually purchase this equipment because of the cost and generally because some types of equipment are not needed on a continual basis. So, most companies lease their equipment.  In fact, statistics show that 85% of businesses in the U.S. lease either all or some of their equipment, from software to office furniture to bulldozers.

Leasing equipment has many benefits. For one, if you do not have a large amount of liquid capital available for a purchase or don’t want to spend much money on an investment, leasing is ideal for you.  Leasing is also beneficial because you don’t have to make a huge lump sum payment. There are flexible payment options to suit all types of businesses and all sizes.  Another benefit is having the ability to continually upgrade. If you invest in a piece of equipment, it can easily become obsolete in a few years. Then, you’ll have to reinvest a ton of more money into another huge purchase and the vicious cycle continues. Leasing allows you to always have the latest, state-of-the-art technology to keep your business running smoothly.

If you have been thinking about business equipment leasing, the OCM Financial Group is here to help.  We offer finance options from $5K upwards and with flexible payment options to meet your individual needs. Give us a call today to discuss your best leasing options so we can help you obtain the tools and technology to help your business grow.