The OCM Financial Group gives a variety of financing options for agricultural clients. We understand that the agriculture industry has unique needs when it comes to planting and harvesting cycles. OCM can provide the right funding for the right kind of equipment just when you need it most. We can provide financing for new and used tractors, combines, feed hoppers, irrigations systems, farm vehicles and much more! Contact one of our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900 to learn more about leasing for your specific type of equipment.

Business to Business

OCM Financial Group is a leading provider of equipment financing and leasing services to businesses throughout the United States. Founded in 1981, OCM has established itself as a premier, full-service provider of financing solutions to all types of organizations, new and established, throughout a wide variety of industries. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer/dealer looking for a vendor financing partner or a business/municipality looking to finance your next equipment purchase. Take advantage of our many tools, including our online monthly payment calculator and application, to find out if our finance options meet your needs.

Business to Consumer

The majority of business owners in the United States require funding at one time or another. We understand it can be difficult and time-consuming to secure a traditional loan from a bank. OCM Financial Group is a leading independent financing company that offers several business loan products. These include working capital loans, merchant cash advances and flexible business loans. Our loan options are just what you need to take your company to the next level.


Communication is vital in today’s business environment. Whether you need equipment to reduce startup expenses or overhead costs, or if you simply need to upgrade existing equipment without tying up your capital The OCM Financial Group can customize a lease just for your business’s needs. You need equipment that performs well so you can always stay connected to your customers. From simple phone systems to much larger operations OCM can provide financing for everything your business needs. To learn more about our communication equipment leasing contact our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900.


Industry statistics show that over $3 billion worth of construction equipment is leased each year by companies all over the United States. Businesses choose to lease their construction equipment because of the many advantages leasing offers like flexible payment structures, stable cash flow, easy upgrades and flexible end of lease terms. There is also a shorter processing time that is generally much faster than traditional bank loans. The OCM Financial Group has helped thousands of constructions companies finance the equipment necessary for their businesses to succeed. We can customize your lease to address your company’s needs, including the option to skip lease payments during slower months. We can lease anything from backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, excavators, surveying equipment and much more. To learn more about our customized construction leases contact one of our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900.


The OCM Financial Group understands that you need the right manufacturing equipment to produce the right products at the time and pace your customers need. When new opportunities come along or when your customer has changing needs, you need to be able to get new manufacturing equipment in a timely fashion. OCM can finance the latest equipment so you can increase your output and improve the quality of your products without committing your own capital. To learn more about leasing manufacturing equipment contact one of our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900.


The OCM Financial Group understands that the medical profession is continually changing and new technology brings more and better opportunities for medical care. Specialized machines are constantly being created and as a result medical equipment leasing has become more important than ever. New equipment can be very expensive and might not turn a profit for years which is why leasing can be a great option for your business. You need to maintain state-of-the-art equipment but would like to avoid tying up your cash in equipment that can become obsolete in a few years. Whether you have a clinic, hospital or you are a new doctor trying to start up a new practice, you can get the equipment you need with our medical leasing programs. The OCM Financial Group has creative financing options that can be tailored to fit your exact needs. To learn more about financing your medical equipment contact one of our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900.


Recent industry statistics show that close to $1 billion dollars’ worth of restaurant equipment is leased each year in the United States. Restaurants lease their equipment because they understand the many benefits leasing offers over more traditional financing. The OCM Financial Group can lease food warmers, lamps, deep fryers, ice machines, ovens, microwaves and other various furnishings and equipment. Leasing your restaurant equipment will help you manage your cash flow and operating capital while preserving your overall credit lines. To learn about all the advantages of leasing your restaurant equipment contact our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900.

Service Industries

OCM Financial Group is a leader in developing business solutions for companies offering value-added services. With decades of finance experience, we understand customer’s needs and can provide successful solutions. We accomplish your objectives through conventional and creative capital, equity, and leasing strategies.

Start Ups

The OCM Financial Group is committed to working with new and startup businesses. We understand your dream of owning your own company and know that it can sometimes be difficult to get other financial institutions to loan you money. OCM provides customized leases from 5k to 35k for startup businesses. To learn more about our startup programs contact our leasing specialists today at 913-381-7900.


Current technology is the lifeblood of every successful company. We understand the challenges and costs of staying current as today’s technology is advancing at the blink of an eye. Whether it’s your IT and communications infrastructure – computers, software, servers and telephone systems – or your office-imaging and documentation requirements, OCM Financial Group understands how these products impact your bottom line. We are uniquely positioned to tailor technology, equipment financing and life cycle management solutions that work for your business.


Accelerating business growth isn’t easy, but your financing can be. Backed by over 30 years of experience, OCM Financial Group, Transportation Finance is the industry leader when it comes to financing for the commercial Transportation industry. We understand your need for a reliable, value added financing source – one that knows your business, your industry, your equipment and the importance of responding quickly to opportunities. More than just financing a tractor or trailer, we have a deep understanding of latest industry and market events that impact your business. We can help transportation companies overcome business challenges in up cycles and down.