manufacture_hoverOCM provides capital equipment leasing to a wide range of businesses. Whether you are a major corporation or a sole proprietor, we will work with you to get the exact lease that meets your needs.  We can lease office equipment, rolling stock, heavy machinery, software, new or remodel construction.  OCM can provide asset-based financing.  Businesses need working capital.  We will provide working capital secured by account receivables, purchase orders, inventory, or equipment.  OCM can bridge the gap.  OCM helps Companies finance or lease new equipment.  We also refinance existing equipment.  This includes any type of capital equipment your business might use in manufacturing and retail applications.

b2c_hoverOCM’s flexible and aggressive financing combines the best attributes of a bank, leasing company and private investment group, making it an equipment financing company different from all others.  We have established industry-specific investment groups, which enable us to service every business from an investment-grade profile to a startup company to a company with a higher credit risk.

OCM Financial Group finances transactions from $5,000 to $35,000,000.

Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with our customers, thereby allowing us to truly understand your business and your needs.  OCM provides excellent customer service and is committed to giving personalized financing options tailored to fit your business.